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Here are some links to some of Molly's favorite websites:

Jerry Rockwell is a dulcimer playing and building legend. His website is full of great information for dulcimer players of all levels, as well as information about his instruments and recordings.

Tull Glazener is a favorite at many dulcimer festivals around the country. Check out his beautiful arrangements on his site.

Steve Seifert has built his dulcimer playing reputation around stellar musicianship and a unique style. Check his site for recordings, tab and lots of other stuff.

Dulcimer Players News: The premier magazine for all dulcimer players. Each issue is loaded with information about mountain dulcimers and hammer dulcimers as well as music, information about festivals, and dulcimer clubs around the world.

Doofus: Neal and Coleen Walters and Heidi and John Cerrigione play the kind of music that everyone loves. Check out their many recordings.

Maureen Sellers: A wonderful teacher of the mountain dulcimer and fun person to be around. Check out her 'Simply' books and her schedule. She may be in a neighborhood near you soon.

Walter Lay: An incredible acoustic guitar player and builder.