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Mountain Dulcimer Workshops

BEGINNING: This workshop begins with a "string-side-up" approach, this would be for folks who are new to the instrument or who have had very little experience. Tuning is in D-a-d tuning unless otherwise requested. Skills that will be covered are tuning the instrument, reading tablature, basic strum, playing a scale, and a few easy melodies.

Novice Level: Workshops are for D-a-d tuning unless otherwise requested.

1. BEGINNING JAM TUNES - We will cover some of the most popular and frequently played fiddle tunes in jam sessions.

2. SURVIVING A JAM SESSION - This workshop covers basic chording, easy finger positions, listening for chord change, and reading the guitar players chords to help in a jam session.

3. EASY REPERTOIRE WORKSHOPS - Topics include Hymns, Lullabies, Fiddle Tunes, Children's Songs, Folk Songs from Around the World, Celtic melodies

Intermediate/Advanced Level Workshops: All workshops are in D-a-d tuning, a capo is necessary for many of these workshops.

1. SINGING WITH THE MOUNTAIN DULCIMER - Covers various techniques for singing with the instrument, some knowledge of chord progressions is helpful but not required. Topics covered are grouping of chord positions, varying strumming and picking patterns, dynamics, and arrangement of tunes.

2. IRISH DRINKING TUNES: Fun tunes, most with words that are fun to play and/or sing anytime.

3. LULLABIES: Some sweet melodies used to calm the young and old. Techniques include fingerpicking, flatpicking, and improvisation.

4. OBSCURE CHRISTMAS TUNES: Some Christmas and winter melodies of old, some from America and some from across the sea.

5. PERSONALIZING TUNES: Take a simple tune and work out a unique arrangement that suits your style of playing. Techniques include playing various rhythms, changing keys, alternate chord progressions and more.

6. CALYPSO TUNES: Fun songs with interesting rhythms from the islands.

Hammered Dulcimer Workshops

BEGINNER HAMMERED DULCIMER - This workshop covers basic care and tuning of the instrument, major scales, left/right hammering technique, a few easy melodies, for those with little or no experience.

Novice Hammered Dulcimer - These workshops are for players with some experience on the HD, some knowledge of scales and note location is helpful, ear players welcome.

1. FUN FIDDLE TUNES - Familiar fiddle tunes that are played at most jam sessions.

2. JAM SESSION SURVIVAL - Basic position of major chords, simple chord back-up techniques.

3. EASY HYMNS - simple church hymns will be covered, as well as beginning embellishment ideas.

Intermediate Hammered Dulcimer Workshops: These workshops are for hammered dulcimers that are 12/11 and larger.

1. SINGING WITH THE HAMMERED DULCIMER - Some knowledge of chord positions and progressions is helpful, ideas about hammering techniques, dynamics and arrangement are covered.

2. FAST FIDDLE TUNES - More advanced fiddle tunes that are fun to play on the hammered dulcimer, ideas for variations and embellishments are covered.

3. PLAYING SLOW AND PRETTY - Celtic, Lullabies, Hymns are covered with ideas for arrangement and embellishment.

4. PERSONALIZING TUNES - take a familiar tune and learn unique ways to embellish, change key, add dynamics, and arrange for performances.

5. MINORING A MAJOR - Take some familiar tunes in a major key and change them to a minor key by changing the basic melody and chord structure.